Cell Towers

McKeever & Niekamp Electric, Inc. offers a wide range of critical power solution options designed to provide cost-effective solutions to customers in the state of Ohio.

Emergency power is an integral part of every ground system for a cell tower. When a communication or cell phone site loses power even momentary, calls are dropped, and data flow is interrupted while ground equipment goes through the reset process. In addition, the system is open to failures associated with startups. Battery backup and emergency generators provide uninterruptible power to rectify this issue.

When utility power is lost, a controller switches tower and ground equipment to back-up battery supply. The emergency generator starts. An Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) routes the generator power to a controller that switches from backup battery power to emergency generator power. Once the utility power is restored, the ATS disconnects the generator power and connects the utility power to the grid. The generator enters the shutdown sequence. This description of events is a basic illustration. With larger systems, many more steps are involved with the additional equipment associated.

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